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New school desk donated and Tri Hita Karana Award 2011

  • New School Desk Chairs for the Kids at Pengalusan

We recently visited our Charity Project in Pengalusan in North Eastern Bali and presented them with the 50 desk chairs that had been donated by many of our guests following our fundraising awareness that appeared on our facebook, website and in this newsletter.

The kids were delighted to receive their much need new desk chairs! Each chair is enscribed on the back with the name of the guest who donated the chair. Each child was told to take personal responsibility for their cha

irs. Each guest that made a donation will soon be receiving a picture of the chair they sponsored and a picture of the kid who is now responsible for looking after their chair!

It's a great way to personalise the donation and a great way for the kids to understand a sense of personal responsibility!




  • Gold again for Bali Dynasty Resort

The Bali Dynasty Resort is delighted to announce that it had the honor to receive a Gold Medal for the second time in a row, a high distinction in Bali's prestigious Tri Hita Karana Awards. This accreditation certificate was presented on 26 November 2011 at the Bali Theatre at the Bali Safari Marine Park.

Tri Hita Karana (THK) denotes an indigenous life concept of the Balinese community to attain secular and spiritual bliss through a harmonious relationship between humans and God (parhyangan), humans and fellow humans (pawongan) as well as humans and the environment (palemahan) into integral oneness.

This presentation of awards has been held annually since 2000 to acknowledge the efforts of local hotels, resorts and villas that choose to adhere to the spiritual and social principles of this unique Balinese Hindu concept.

This award is indeed a great privilege for Bali Dynasty Resort.