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March Happenings

Our Theme Buffet Dinners have now moved to SEN5ES each evening due to the Tropical Café renovations which will make way for our new H20 Restaurant.
The Theme Buffet Dinners are still great value for money for families with up to 2 kids 12 years and under eating free from the Buffet when accompanied by two full paying Adults.
You can enjoy 'Italian Pasta, Pizza' nights on Mondays with Kid's Fashion Show, Tuesdays you can 'Dine Around the World', it's 'Wild West Wednesday' with Ribs, Sausage sizzle and Burgers, Thursdays are our famous 'Satay Nights', Fridays we have the popular 'Malam Bali' Night with Traditional Balinese Dance, Saturday tuck into a good old 'Aussie BBQ' Night and Sundays enjoy a traditional Sunday 'Roast Night'.

At the Golden Lotus up until the 30th April our Chinese Chef is preparing one of his secret dishes for you to enjoy for our 'Springtime Promotion'.
He has brought out his secret recipe book to prepare for you Clear Seafood Soup with Chinese Herbs and Apple for only Rp.65,000 net/Bowl which compliments the next course of Steamed Half Boneless Chicken with 'Innoki Mushroom', Carrot and Bamboo piths for only Rp.95,000 net.

Try our Chef?s 'Spring promotion' dish on your next visit to Golden Lotus.

Each Tuesday for the last few weeks we have hosted our very own hotel talent show ?Dynasty?s Got Talent? featuring many of our staff.?.and YOU were the judges!!
Now its the Final time and the final 4 acts will perform on March 29th at SEN5ES which we will video for you and post on You Tube for your final vote.
Follow the link below and vote for your favourite Bali Dynasty Act.

Vote online for your favourite act CLICK HERE

The winning act will receive Rp.1,000,000 cash and a host of sponsors prizes.   Watch this space for more information.

March 17th, St. Patrick's Day has become an institution around the world as a day to don your best green outfit and celebrate hard in true Irish style.
But did you know that the person who was to become St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was born in Wales about AD 385. His given name was Maewyn, and he almost didn't get the job of bishop of Ireland because he lacked the required scholarship.
After changing his name to Patrick, his mission in Ireland lasted for thirty years. After that time, Patrick retired to County Down. He died on March 17th in AD 461. That day has been commemorated as St. Patrick's Day ever since.
It?s one of the biggest nights of the year in Gracie Kelly's when everyone and everything turns green. With prizes for the best green outfits, a Bartender Show, Drinking Competition and green Beer and Cocktails on sale with our resident band the Rais Paddies rocking the blarney stone off it's foundations, it's sure to be a night not to be missed.....to be sure!

Nyepi, the day of silence in Bali is on the 5th March. The evening before Nyepi on the 4th March, traditionally at Bali Dynasty Resort we make an Ogoh Ogoh (a paper mache statue) and parade it around the hotel to scare off any evil spirits that may lurk there, then sacrificially take it to the beach to burn.

Before we do that we ask as many hotel guests as possible to dress up in a sarong and head band and help us carry the Ogoh Ogoh.

Apart from being a lot of fun, it's a great photo opportunity and a chance be a part of the Nyepi tradition. If you are with us at that time we invite you to join us outside the Kertagosa Ballroom at 5pm, where we will dress you up, give you a traditional blessing, an arak to keep the other spirits from harming you and a musical instrument to make as much noise as possible.

Bring your cameras!

Saturday the 5th March is Hari Raya Nyepi, the New Year for Balinese Hindus celebrating the Caka Year of 1933.  Many colourful ceremonies and rituals are held throughout the Island.
A few dyas prior to Nyepi a Purification Ceremony, known locally as 'Melasti', is held. Offerings and holy objects such as statues and 'kris' line the path of the colourful procession leading to the beach for a ritual cleansing.  Flowers fill the beach and prayers fill the air as pilgrims cleanse themselves in the sea.
The climax of ritual activity is on the eve of Nyepi, the darkest night of the new moon. During these solemn, powerful hours, priests throughout Bali will be praying to appease the demons and honor the Gods in an attempt to harmonize the conflicting universal powers of good and evil. It is also the night of the Ogoh Ogoh (paper mache statues) parade and not to be missed.
The 5th March is the first day of the Caka New Year 1933, also known as Hari Raya Nyepi (Nyepi day), is a Day of Complete Silence in Bali.  The whole island will be void of people on the streets (since it is mandatory for everyone to stay indoors) or on the hotel premises and there shall be no noise, no lights and no activities whatsoever.  The airport will be closed for this day too.
The whole island of Bali will appear deserted and therefore it is believed that the evil spirits will pass over the island.

Nyepi in Bali is an amazing experience if you are lucky enough to be here for it.