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Come and see the Penjor competition

Galungan & Kuningan are two big ceremonial days for Hindus in Indonesia, especially in Bali.

Galungan is a Balinese holiday that signifies the victory of Virtue (Dharma) over Evil (Adharma).

This important festival occurs every 210 days and lasts for 10 days, beginning this year on Wednesday 21st May. On this day, visitors will see people dressed in their finest clothes bearing elaborate offerings to their temple of origin, while ancestral spirits and deities descend to Earth to be honoured.

In preparation for the Galungan celebrations, each family makes a Penjor, a long and gracefully arching bamboo pole, to decorate the entrance to their home. Festooned with colourful flowers, fruit, unhusked rice and palm frond ornamentation, these gorgeous decorations create a very festive atmosphere in the street.

This year, fuelled by the challenge of the South Kuta Beach Business Association (SKBBA’s) Penjor competition, the display in Jl Kartika Plaza is expected to be better than ever.